The Sacred Path to Enlightenment:

Calling all Lightworkers, teachers and healers

Carrie E. Deville

I’m a lightworker on a mission to assist in the awakening of other lightworkers

Life is not all that it seems and it’s certainly not all that there is. Multitudes of people are in the process of being “woke up.” Lightworkers are being called, but unfortunately too many of us aren’t realizing whats happening. There are too many distractions and not enough people hungry for truth. I was jolted onto a new path overnight, when I was least expecting it. The heavens were opened up to me, I was receiving rapid downloads straight from the source and visions, one behind the other. I could hear all these people talking and beautiful songs that weren’t really playing. My psychic gifts blind sided me in an instant. I stood in my twin flames kitchen twice while actually in my bed. My dreams were so real with my twin flame that I had no question that they weren’t really dreams at all. There was a steady flow of communication between myself and the spiritual realm, I knew things and had no idea how. I was in perfect alignment with the universe and for once in my thirty one years I could hear that “inner voice” loud and clear. In the midst of the worst pain I’ve ever experienced during a period of silence with my twin flame, I reached for the only thing left, God, and He fullfiled his promise to me- to draw near to me if I whole heartedly sought after Him. He audibly told me that my purpose in this life is to shine my light, heal people and teach people with my writing. So, if I can reach just one person or assist in waking other light workers up then I’ve walked in my purpose and lived a meaningful life. I’ve dedicated years to studying all things spiritual and now if you ask me what I believe in, I can tell you with absolute certainty because I knocked and He opened the door.

Calling all LIGHTWORKERS, HEALERS and TEACHERS. You’re seeking after the truth, almost believing it’s not real and you’ve lost your mind. Whatever you believe in is what you’re going to get. It’s time to get rid of old belief systems and build brand new ones so you can complete your life mission. You already have all the tools to make it in this life so it’s time to think about helping other people. If you landed here on this page then you have that pull on your heart that tells you to relentlessly seek after the truth. Don’t let doubt and fear be a road block in your recovery. You’ve had enough darkness in your life, try the light out for a little while and watch the rapid transformation that you always thought was impossible. I was you not long ago and I’m still in the middle of major uncomfortable changes, but I was given a toolbox that I want to give to you.