A Spiritual Experience: Part ONE

The “minor” awakening: The eye opener

Backstory: I have to fill in the blanks from down below and tell you about Tyler, my twinflame, the person who inevitably triggered my awakening. He is a major part of my whole story. He is my twin flame, best friend, and now we are in seperation. In October 2017, he escorted me into a new chapter of my life and he handed me over on a silver platter to this transition too, being the cause of it. [Twinflame: They are your mirror soul and being with them is like looking in a mirror and seeing the darkest, most challenging sides of yourself- your inner pain, wounds, fears, unresolved issues.] [One of the key hallmarks of a twinflame relationship is the drama and chaos it stirs up.] That couldn’t be any more true. And the pain that comes with it…it’s a different kind of pain, the kind that triggers a radical transformation when you least expect it.

October 10,2021 (an excerpt from my journal)Octo

“I believe I finally found my path. As crazy as it sounds, I really believe I’m a mystic or witch or something. I get this feeling of ease and comfort. I’ve been studying EVERYTHING I can and this just fits me like nothing else ever has. I’m at peace reading all of this magical, mystical stuff. It says I’m in charge of my life. With intention I can manifest anything I can dream of. I’m learning about the lunar phases and how the moon is magical. After all these years of wondering aimlessly, I think I finally found my calling. All of a sudden, my psychic abilities are coming to the surface. From where? I’ve only hoped for this. A second ago and an hour before that I heard audible music playing while I was thinking of Tyler (my twin flame.) I literally, physically felt his touch. I’ve got to banish all doubt once and for all. I’ve got to consciously be aware of every single thought I think. I now understand how my reality is dependent on the energy I put out- the law of attraction.”

  • For days I’d been religiously researching and reading anything I could about anything spiritual. I was going through a major seperation with the “love of my life” and best friend, as well as other changes happening all at once. I was searching for anything to distract me. Tarot cards had become nearly an obsession, I couldn’t get enough of the accuracy, it blew my mind. I read everything from the cycles of the moon and lunar magic to white magic, crystals, rituals, every type of divination, astrology/numerology, angels, synchronicity and signs, the afterlife, starseeds….you name it and I read about it. (I hadn’t made it to the great debate of God yet)..I was filling up a notebook a day, writing every single thing I was learning. My hand was numb, but I kept going. I was a sponge, I couldn’t get enough.
  • (October 10, 2021) I began having real life auditory “hallucinations” like you wouldn’t believe. I was hearing loud, distinctive music and people talking all around me. I could make out everything being said. I thought I was seriously losing my mind. The first song I heard that was so vivid, just like it was playing on the radio, was “every light in the house is on.” I then felt a hand gently rub my neck. I immediately recognized it as the hand of my twin flame. “I hate you, I love you” played next, followed by “Love you like I used to.” I heard “wedding” whispered in my ear. Again, immediate recognition of it being my twin flame.
  • (October 11, 2021) I had to go to urgent care because this overwhelming, heavy, stomach wrenching feeling came over me, “impending doom.” [a sensation or impression that something tragic is about to occur.] [feeling of dread, terror, and worry that something terrible is going to happen.] This is an all too real feeling and IT IS SCARY. I was still hearing audible music and voices.
  • That night, I can’t explain what happened, all I know is I was still reading and the number 34 slapped me in the face 5 times within ten minutes. My intuition was straight up like THIS MEANS SOMETHING! (will elaborate in later entry) After that synchronicity made itself known, it was off to the races from there. I began seeing orbs, I started knowing things and didn’t know how, I was in direct contact with the angels! We were in the steady flow of conversation, just like if me and you were talking. Sounds crazy, I KNOW! This quote is one that came to me as a revelation:

“The moment you let yourself go from the outcome of your intentions, the sooner they come to reality.”

  • I kept hearing music. Songs that meant something to me in the physical world. “Blame it on you,” “Don’t worry about a thing,” and “Nobody’s gonna love you like I do…” I started seeing crazy synchronicity back to back (1:11, 1:22, 9:11, 333, 3:43, 44, etc.) Everything that was going on around me was touching my soul, the physical and spiritual had become one and the veil was thinner than ever.
  • (October 12, 2021) I then realized that the music and the voices weren’t hallucinations, I was really hearing the other side…spirits were talking to me, so many of them. Just when I thought shit couldn’t get any more real, I began having visions. The first one- Tyler sat on one couch, I sat on another, He looked at me shaking his head playfully and I just smiled. It was SO real, like were together in that moment. Peace invaded every inch of me. That’s when I became unshakably sure that he was my twinflame. The second vision, sitting in the SAME EXACT ROOM, I was sitting down and he had his hand resting on my lower back, it felt overwhelmingly gentle. Then, it hit me- I have psychic abilities and MAN, let me tell you, all the magical stuff you hear about isn’t just a good time story..
  • [Retrocognition: the event is imprinted on the environment, energy imprint, the psychic is able to tune in to frequency of the residual energy and see it or experience it; direct perception of past events.] I found myself standing in Tyler’s kitchen looking at him and a friend of his. It was just like a movie, so vivid. Another incident of this Tyler was on the phone with someone and again, I stood in his kitchen, he said “I’m taking care of these kids” a little frusterated, and I saw the kids running through the kitchen…all of this while I was lying in my bed. Nobody will ever be able to convince me that was just in my head because it was SO real. I can’t write the words that will help you grasp what I’m saying if you’ve never experienced it.
  • The voices and music I had been hearing- clairaudience. The orbs and shadows- clairvoyance. The information I was suddenly knowing without a reason- claircognizance. I also became aware of being telepathically connected to my twinflame. I was thinking his thoughts, I felt his emotions. There was no question as to if it was really him or if it was my thoughts, they were not my thoughts by a long shot.
  • I knew days before hand that he was about to return to me, and just like my tarot readings had been saying, he did return to me exactly that way. My tarot readings also predicted that I would have an emotional outburst, and I did, triggering another seperation. As a matter of fact, yesterday is the day this happened. My readings knew this would happen and told me straight up that that not listening to my intuition would knock me off balance and cause problems, and it did. But it also said that whats meant for me is still for me, even though I threw a few obstacles in the way.

This was a truly magical experience that I was sure would change my life forever, but I was in for a rude awakening. After a few days, all of these things ended, my intuition had gone quiet, I was confused and was left in the worst state of depression I’d ever known. I mean, I really thought about ending my life just to make the agony stop. I couldn’t understand why my mind had been expanded to such a euphoric place just to have the spiritual realm abandon me just as quick. I said multiple times, “how could y’all just leave me like this,” speaking to the angels.

I had no idea what was coming just around the corner that would beat this awakening by a long shot..